Carmen Trueba


Carmen Trueba is an Associate Professor of Quantitative Methods at the Department of Economics of the University of Cantabria. She is also member of the Spanish Network of Development Studies (REEDES). Dr. Trueba has been a visiting researcher in the Department of Economics at the Ibero-American University (Mexico) and the University of Alicante (Spain).

Her research interest includes theory of distributions, inequality, multivariate analysis, informetrics, risk management and development studies. Dr. Trueba has published her research in scientific journals such as Journal of informetrics, Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and Applied Mathematics and Computation and Communications in Statistics: Theory and Methods, among others.

Dr. Trueba has participated in various research projects funded by the Spanish Government. Also, she received a bachelor’s degree in Economics (with honors) from University of Cantabria, a master’s in economics from University of the Basque Country, University of Cantabria, and University of Oviedo, and Expert in Advanced Methods of Applied Statistics from the National Distance Education University (UNED). She earned her Doctorate in Economics from University of Cantabria.