Jose Maria Sarabia


Jose Maria Sarabia is a Professor of Quantitative Methods for Economics and Business at the Department of Economics of the University of Cantabria. He is also a Professor of Statistics and Operational Research at the Complutense University (Madrid), now on leave.

He has been visiting professor and researcher at the London School of Economics, Imperial College London, and the International Capital Market Association (ICMA) center at the University of Reading (UK). In addition, he has been Associate Editor with Journal of Banking and Finance, Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference, Statistical Methodology, Test, and Estudios de Economía Aplicada.

Dr. Sarabia has dedicated his research career to the analysis of economic inequality, risk analysis and actuarial statistics, multivariate analysis, econophysics, and quantitative methods in economics and business.

Dr. Sarabia is author or coauthor of 12 books, editor of 3 books and he has published more than 120 articles in scientific journals such as Journal of Econometrics, Insurance Mathematics and Economics, Journal of Risk and Insurance, Journal of the American Statistical Association, Computational Statistics and Data Analysis, Journal of Multivariate Analysis, Statistics and Probability Letters, Statistics, Communications in Statistics, Journal of the Royal Statistical Society, Physica A, and The American Journal of Medicine. Also, he has participated in a great deal of professional courses and conferences. He received a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Mathematics from University of Valladolid. In addition, he earned his Doctorate in mathematics from University of Cantabria.