Patricia Moreno


Patricia Moreno is a PhD student at the Department of Economics of the University of Cantabria. Before that, she was working at the Cantabria Statistical Office (ICANE) and on several consulting projects for both the Economic and Social Council and for the Alternatives Foundation.

Her main research interest is in health econometrics, social economy and in microeconometrics. In these fields, she has published diverse articles in journals, such as Papers of Economy, FUNCAS, and Foundation CASER for the dependence, among others.

Her work has been featured in numerous seminars, conferences and workshops in the last years. In 2010, she received the research award from the Economists' College of Cantabria together with D. David Cantarero y D ª Natividad Fernandez.

She holds a degree on economics from the University of Cantabria and a master’s degree in Economics from University of the Basque Country, University of Cantabria, and University of Oviedo. Also, she received master’s degree in Management of Health Services from the University of Cantabria and in Banking and Finance for the Institute of Banking techniques and Practices. At present, she is developing her Doctorate in the field of Health Econometrics.